Monday, 13 April 2015

Turning Two

Our wee Riley turned two today!!!!

Laura and Riley came to stay with us for the weekend. 
Never a dull moment was had all weekend :)

We went to visit Great Gran and Great Grandad and he had a shot on the keyboard while his Great Gran and Gran looked on in pride :)

 He looks like a natural don't you think. I can really see him being a rockstar in  years to come!!!  

Oh there's a thought, I wonder how his mum might feel about that  hee hee.

And here is he with his his Aunty Karen, making his own birthday cake - maybe he won't be a rockstar after all,  perhaps he will be a chef!!!

And here he is with his mummy sharing a laugh - isn't he just the cutest wee chap!

They left to go home on Sunday at lunch time and boy was the  house quiet. 

He certainly is the life and soul wherever he goes.

We are really missing his contagious giggle and winning smile.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

It's Been How Long!!!

I've almost forgotten how to put a post up - it's been soooooo long.  In fact October 2014 was  the last time!

It's been nagging at me to come back for quite a wee while now, but tonight I finally decided just to do it and not just think about it.

So, an update is in order I think! 
Let's see now what have I been up to.

Emm, hum -  how can 6/7 months go by and it feels as if I haven't done much!

First off I don't think I ever mentioned it but Karen graduated with honours from university  - we are so proud of her - all of her hard work and dedication paid off. 
Now she is just waiting to find her dream job which I'm sure isn't too far away.

Emma finished her 6 months in Germany and is now back at university in Glasgow and in her 3rd year. 

We visited her in Germany in January and spent the week in Berlin (some pictures below). It was a cold, wet, snowy dismal week but we enjoyed it anyway, so much to see and do.

Laura is getting married in December.  Bridal and bridesmaid dresses have been ordered and plans are well underway. 
And our wee Riley turns 2 next week - where does the time go. 
The older I get the more often I ask myself that question - I've still to come up with an answer!!!

Other than that nothing much else is happening!

Anyway, pictures of Berlin!

 The Brandenburg Gate - it was snowing, sleet and rain and bitterly cold this day and we walked for miles!

 The Reichstag building at the back on the left. Stunning building and definitely worth a visit.

 Checkpoint Charlie

 Berlin is a city of cranes - lots of work being done and everywhere you looked there were cranes.

 The TV tower in Alexanderplatz, the top disappearing into the clouds.

Poseiden sculpture - usually there are fountains going but not that day.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels statues(and Dan tagged on at the end)

We took a train out to Potsdam. 
Palaces and opulance galore. 
Such beautiful architecture.

The sun even came out for a short while before we got the train back.

Just a few of the very many pictures that I took while there.  
We did so much in a week - walking, museums, sighseeing.

All in all we had a very enjoyable week in Berlin - such a lot of history too.

It wasn't somewhere I ever expected to visit but I'm so glad we did.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Portugal part 3

Ok the final post on our holiday to Portugal - is that a sigh of relief I can hear  :))

Well the day after the wedding we got up quite early and had breakfast.  Danny's sister and her husband had come over from Norway for the wedding too and we were going to spend the day together.  

We decided to go for a walk up the hills and up to the ruin at the top of the hill (just to the left of the cars in the picure).

We took Danny's sister and her hubby back to the airport on Monday and waved them off on their journey home. 
We still had 4 full days left to enjoy!

We visited a beach and did a wee bit of sun bathing and people watching. Lots of people surfing and enjoying the waves (which were rather large, the waves I mean!).

We also visited Praia da Luz (where the wedding was on the Saturday) with another lovely beach. 
 I spotted this down on the beach - those are life vests hanging on the line.  I loved the colours!

We also went to visit a place called Cabo Sao Vicente which was about a half hour drive away! 
It is the most westerly point of Portugal.  
Rocky cliffs, a lighthouse and crashing waves.  

Quite a stunning view!

I did take pictures during the day but can't seem to find them, however we went back in the evening to catch a sunset as we had heard it was lovely.  
Well the people weren't wrong. 
It was beautiful!

I couldn't decide which picture I liked the best. 

This one with the sun setting!

And one where the sun has disappeared off the horizon.  

Having looked at the pics again I think this one is my favourite :)

 We filled our remaining days in Portugal soaking up the sun and relaxing.

I have to say it was a most enjoyable holiday.

I hope you're not all fed up of my Portugal tales.
Thanks for reading!!! :)

Monday, 13 October 2014

Portugal - part 2

Here I am back with part 2 of our holiday!

We did do some other things other than sitting in the sun - honest we did!  :))

Before we went on holiday we planned on driving through to Lisbon, we booked a hotel for a night and were going to take the metro to the old part of town to do some exploring.

It all seemed like such a good plan! 

Well we left Burgau nice and early and drove the 5 hours through windy, hilly roads and then long distances of flat plains finally reaching Lisbon around 2pm. We only got lost a couple of times driving around the town while trying to find the hotel, however we did finally find it and we got our room sorted which had quite an impressive view.

We then got ready to go out exploring.  Off we went  to find the metro station. We found the train station instead and went to try and get tickets - only to discover they were having a 24 hour strike.  

Aaaargh we had driven 5 hours to find they were on strike!!!  

The train wouldn't take us there and the only other alternative was the bus. But we had spent so long messing about that it was now 4pm'ish and the buses were standing room only. So, we gave it up as a bad job and went for a walk instead.

We walked a looooong way and eventually found a park. We had a bit of a rest on a park bench as my feet were killing me then we carried on and found this view, we were in the Eduardo VII park. Quite a splendid sight, we spent quite a long time just enjoying the view and the sun.

We even took a wee selfie, lol.

We then headed back to the hotel and had something to eat and another wander around the town. We had a fairly early night as we were heading back to Burgau the next morning.

We got up and decided to see if we could save something from our visit  so we headed out of town and passed over the Lisbon suspension bridge  which looks very like the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

 And then we went to see  the Cristo Rei (The Statue of Christ)  which was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. 

 Then we began the long journey back to Burgau - at least we got to see some of the sights of Lisbon! So not a totally disappointing visit.

Saturday we had the wedding - and it was lovely. 
The service was held in this lovely wee church.

There was a piper - and the poor chap must have been absolutely melting in the heat! Just look at how he was dressed!

After the ceremony we walked following the piper along to the restaurant where we had a lovely meal - this was the view!! 
 Stunning I think you'd agree :))

 After a fairly late night we got a taxi which took us back to Burgau.

Now after all of that I think I need to collect my thoughts and sort the rest of my pics out. So I'll do part 3 in the next couple of days.

To be cont...

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Holiday to Portugal

We have returned from our travels and have returned feeling happy, slightly bronzed and healthy - always a bonus :))

The reason we decided on this holiday to Portugal ... we were invited to a wedding of Danny's cousin. They were getting married at Praia da Luz in the Algarve. 
 We stayed in a little fishing village called Burgau which was about 5 miles away from the wedding venue. It was decided we would stay for 10 days so we could do a wee bit of sightseeing as well as attending the wedding.

As you can imagine I took lots and lots of piccies and It has been so difficult picking the ones I wanted to put on my blog. 
The things that most struck me on this holiday were the sun (it shone for the full 10 days, bliss!), the lovely bright colours, the rugged landscape and the sea.

I thought I'd break it up into two posts - this the first one showing Burgau and all its splendours and then the following post would be the wedding and everything else we did.

So, we flew out of Glasgow airport on the Tuesday lunch time.  Now I'm not a huge fan of flying and always get very nervous, however the flight was very good and only took just under 3 hours. 
We picked up our hire car and started the drive to Burgau.  Using Co-pilot on the iphone we only got lost about 3 times - not bad but very nerve wracking.  I'm so glad that Danny was driving! :)) 
 We eventually found our way to the flat we were going to be staying in and got there about tea-time.  We dumped out cases and went to explore!  First stop the beach

Those are my footsteps in the sand :))

We then decided it was time to find something to eat as we hadn't eaten for quite a while.  There was plenty of choice but I wanted something simple.  There was a lovely pizza restaurant, Danny doesn't like pizza but we thought he would be able to get something else - we thought wrong - pizza was the only thing they served. But credit to Danny he tried one and decided he really liked it after all!!  
In fact we enjoyed 3 pizzas the whole holiday!
 They were really really tasty - so if you are ever in Burgau I can totally recommend this place :))

After dinner we headed back to the flat for the evening.

The next morning it was lovely and sunny,  there was a gentle breeze blowing  in through the door and I loved the way it moved the curtain - so dreamy!!!

We went for another wander around town. 
The cliffs surrounding the beach at Burgau - quite spectacular!

The many beautiful and colourful plants and flowers against the white of the buildings!

 There were very steep hills all around us - so we got plenty of exercise in, but it was well worth it. 
Can you spot Danny taking some pictures :)

We walked along some of the cliffs, it was so high up and I didn't want to stand too close to the edge!
I loved the angle of this tree.

 Just look at that beautiful blue sky and lovely bright buildings!

That seems like a good picture to end this post!

As I've got two daughters living away from home, Laura in Dundee and Emma in Germany, this gives them a chance to see some of my pictures.  I'm sure we must have bored Karen terribly showing her them all at home, but she patiently sat and looked at them all  :))

To be cont....

Friday, 19 September 2014

A Return to Blogging

Remember me?
I used to blog quite regularly here but I haven't been around since April - can you believe it!  
I kept meaning to come back but never completely got around to it.
                   Well I've come back! 

Quite a lot has happened over the months.

This wee chap turned one in April.  He is now walking, or should I say running, around.  He is a wee stoater (a wonderful wee chap!) and we love him to bits.

Laura and Kevin are getting married in December 2015 and we have been out looking at wedding dresses - who knew it would be such fun!

Laura's two sisters are both going to be bridesmaids and they are all going to look stunning on the big day :))
In fact Laura and I will be spending the day in Edinburgh on Saturday looking at dresses, we will probably do a bit of lunch and maybe a wee cocktail or something thrown in there. 
 Sounds like fun eh!!!
I've even been trying on a few hats myself - I never thought I suited a hat but my girls are assuring me that I look fine.  So I think I will be getting one for the big day  :))

My other big news is my youngest daughter, Emma, has gone to Germany to study with university for a year. 
She flew out on Monday.  We will miss her lovely smiling face around here!  

We got up at 4.30am (yes the middle of the night!) to take her to Glasgow airport, we left her there after about an hour as she had friends travelling with her.  It's so sooo hard to say cheerio - or is that just me? :((

Anyway, her flight was delayed by 4 hours and she didn't actually get off the ground until about 1pm, arriving in Berlin at about 4pm.  By the time she found her halls and her room it was around 7pm!!
  A very difficult day for her and she handled in wonderfully - so proud of my wee girl! :)

She has settled in very well and exploring the area and quite enjoying it I think.  

Well, this has taken me two days to write this out, so I'm going to post it and try to get another post out soonish!

Oh by the way Dan and I are off on holiday next week - Portugal here we come!! That should give me something to blog about. :))

Hope you are all well!

Monday, 7 April 2014

A Sunday Walk

A couple of weeks ago Karen and I went to buy some compost to pot my two new apple trees.  We went to our favourite garden centre. The trouble with going there is we always come home with more than we went out for!
We also came back with mint and rosemary plants. I really wish my garden was big enough to grow a full herb patch!

 After we had finished with the garden centre we  went for a wee walk with our cameras.  
It was such a lovely day it would have been a shame not to!

We walked along the side of the River Ayr. It was lovely and quiet with surprisingly few people taking advantage of the lovely day.

I think Karen has been bitten by the camera bug now too as she took just as many pictures as I did, in fact I turned round a few times to find her quite a distance behind me taking some shots. 

 It's not a bad hobby to have though :))

Anyway here are a few of my shots.

Lovely daffodils!

 Not quite as good as Niagara Falls, lol.

We did enjoy our walk and hope to do many more,  just as long as the weather stays nice. I am definately a fair weather person.

I did go out for a wee walk by myself on Saturday - it was a grey drizzly day but I thought it would be ok. 

Just shows how wrong a person can be!!

  I was only out for half an hour but by the time I got home I was soaking as the heavens had opened.

  Ah well, I'll just have to wait until the next nice day and try again :))